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May 2, 2014 6:00pm PDT
tell you guys i have a helmet cam video from a motorcyclist in russia. i think you probably think this is going to be an ugly video. >> change those perceptions with this video. motorcyclist, helmet cam, crowded streets in russia up ahead, a blind elderly man trying to cross the street. doesn't appear he's in any kind of pedestrian crosswalk. traffic speeding by him. this motorcyclist finds it in his heart and stops and makes a road block with his bike. calls out to the man and just gives him a traffic break and helps him across the street. >> this guy just was kind enough to help and did you see the smile on that man's face? >> the sad part is, while this motorcyclist is helping him you hear other cars beeping their horns. >> i'm mad at the rest of this town. why this guy? he was clearly out there a little bit of time sfoo gave him like a moving barricade escort. >> hey, everybody. we're celebrating the end of the week giving away another ipad mini. >> you will need the buzzword and a twitter account. if you don't have a twitter account don't worry it's easy to create one. >> you
Apr 30, 2014 6:30pm PDT
've all been there. >> this girl at a grocery store in russia, goes up to the railing here and she peers over into that space between the escalator and the railing. she looks back like her friends are talking to her, do you dare me to do this? she swings one leg over and then the other and then -- >> goes right through. >> sure does. lands on the checkout station down on the first floor. it was a two-story fall. the girl was taken to the hospital. going to recover from the injuries. still, what a dopey move. >> not meant to be stood on. >> definitely not. just busted as soon as she stepped on it and fell right through. >> wonder what she was trying to do? some reports say she dropped her phone between that space and she was jumping in there to retrieve her phone. >> oh. darn. >> this guy was a cafe having some drinks and then went to get his work van to ram into the front of the cafe. maybe because he had been kicked out. he's now backing up in this narrow alley as other guys are trying to get him to stop. crashes into the side of that building. >> the guy in the red hoodie was somebody
Apr 29, 2014 4:00am PDT
about this russia situation. are there any plays you're doing? are you shorting anything or buying anything? >>i'm looking to get short oil and the grain markets as soon as some of this trouble wears off. we're seeing a lot of fear premium, especially in oil. we are still in what we call backward ation oil so the front month premium is so high. i think as soon as the troubles in russia resolve oil comes crashing down hard. >>thank you. good to have you on the show. >>thank you angie. sanctions that cut off business, freeze assets and ban travel are in place against 15 more russian government officials. that brings the total to 28 as the u.s. and europe attempt to get the president of russia to desclate the conflict in ukraine. i think the hope of the sanctions is that some of these guys are going to turn around to the friend vladimeir putin and say vlad, this is really hurting our business, can we scale it back a little bit. that's the scenario we hope will be affected by the sanctions. among businessmen targeted by sancations the president of the russan state oil company rosneft
Apr 28, 2014 11:00pm PDT
for helping in russia. >> california please join us in saying no fraking way. >> reporter: fought against the toxic waste dump. robert kennedy jr. shared his thoughts. >> people weren't doing at the time which was to recognize the connection between the environment and democracy and poverty. and recognizing that any where you see environmental injury, you're going to see the diversion or democracy. >> reporter: each prize winner will receive $575,000 to continue their fight. reports live in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> officers needed but one police department has a shortage of crime tape. how this small issue shows a big problem. >>> and how long we'll hang salesperson #1: the real deal is the passat tdi clean diesel gets up to 795 highway miles per tank. salesperson #2: actually, we're throwing in a $1,000 fuel reward card. we've never done that. that's why there's never been a better time to buy a passat tdi clean diesel. husband: so it's like two deals in one? salesperson #2: exactly. avo: during the first ever volkswagen tdi clean diesel event, g
Apr 28, 2014 4:00am PDT
're seeing with the stock market in russia, that's going to put some serious pressure. they are 25% off their highs from october and they're down near 5 year lows. that's going to cause a change over there more so than any military issues that we may come across. >>we begin the back half of the earnings season today. what's on your list? >>i'm happy and i'm more happy with the market reaction than anything else. that's how we measure things. the markets have reacted very well. just a couple days ago we were within 10 points of the all time highs in the s&p. keeping that kind of scorecard, the markets respect and enjoy what's going on with earnings and what i like is the fact that we're not seeing a whole lot of downward guidance for next quarter which reflects well. that's what's held the market back a little bit here recently and i think that's very much a positive. what apple came out withnothing but positive news. that can add another layer of support to the nasdaq because it's such a big component when it comes to tech. >>what do you think about the overall market conditions? is thi
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5